Young Artist in [email protected] - Introduction

New Vision of Community Art - Residencies, Creativity, Experience 

About the Scheme

V54 is a three-storey French architectural style house which is confirmed as *Grade III Historic Building by the Antiquities Advisory Board and was generously loaned to Po Leung Kuk, by Miss Angela Leong, BBS who was the owner and also the former Chairman of the Kuk for the development of community youth art services.

After the completion of restoration works, Young Artist in [email protected]scheme was officially launched in 2016. By providing low rental fee and short-term residencies to young local and international artists, we encourage them to express their appreciation of arts and culture of the East & West and life history, as well as to contribute to society by promoting arts and culture to the local youth and general public. 

*Confirmed on 11 June 2020

About the House

V54 was built in the 1920s, adopting the popular Art Deco building style uilised in the last century. Classical features including imitation stonework in stucco, arched windows, an in-house wooden staircase, servant staircase, fireplaces and chimneys, parquet floor tiles and the earlier residential partition designs undergoing restoration and can all be clearly seen when visiting the house. The building was originally symmetrically designed and now only No. 54 Village Road, along with the left side of the main building and front door stairs remain. Currently it is one of the oldest preserved buildings in the district. 

About the House / the Room / Virtual Tour

About Residencies

By staying in a historic house, the residencies provide an opportunity for young artists to explore the living culture and local history, enriching the depth of their cultural experience. With local exposure and artistic engagement, young artists are able to develop their practice and present works to the public by hosting various cultural activities. The local youth and community are presented with the opportunity to appreciate and understand art and the creativity inspired behind the works.

About Community Engagement

With the aim to bring arts into the community, resident artists will be assisted to organize various exhibitions, workshops and educational activities for the public participation. We will also provide local artistic networks, further connecting artists to local art and community organisations for potential collaboration. Under the 'Community Youth Art Development Scheme', V54 is also a platform for creativity and cultural exchange. By curating special projects with artists and partnering with local and overseas cultural festivals, opportunities of arts appreciation and inspiration are provided for young people.

About Application

V54 is open to applications from artists and organizations engaging in the following professional practices. Residency period for selected artists is from 1 to 6 months while applications are accepted throughout the year.

Visual Arts

Performing Arts

Multi-media Creation

Creative Arts


Curatorial & Arts Administration

Cultural Research

Applying as an Individual

- Open to young artists from local and overseas aged 18 to 40

- Applicants should possess an equivalent academic background in arts and culture with a minimum of 2 year practice in the arts and culture industry or possess previous creative experience.

Applying as an Organization 

- Open to local registered arts or culture organisations (Shall provide relevant supporting documents)

A minimum of 2 year practice in the arts and cultural industry


1.  Application of overseas artists and groups should be submitted by registered local arts or cultural organizations.

2.  Applicants are required to submit detailed personal CV and a residency and programme plan for the application selection.

3. Residents are responsible for the expenses of materials and daily living.

4.  Overseas artists should have obtained valid visa or related qualification (if applicable) before residency.

Residency Fee

V54 operates on a self-financing basis and offers monthly rate below the market price, covering the minimal cost of running the residency programme. Therefore, the residency fee (including rent and miscellaneous charges of water, electricity, gas, house cleaning, WIFI, insurance, rates and management) is essential to the maintenance of the house as well as the implementation of community activities. For more information regarding rental details, please refer to the Application Forms and Guideline.

For any rent remission or waiver requests, please state in the application and apply in written for further assessment.
(Applicants may need to provide relevant supporting documents)

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